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Hydrolyte with Vitamin E - Working Dog Supplement

photo of Hydrolyte with Vitamin E - Working Dog Supplement
photo of Hydrolyte with Vitamin E - Working Dog Supplement
photo of Hydrolyte with Vitamin E - Working Dog Supplement

Canine Electrolyte Replacement - Energizer and Antioxidant
Prevents Heat Stress & Promotes Hydration. for all breeds and all ages. BECAUSE SOMETIMES WATER IS NOT ENOUGH !! Chicken flavour. 28.5gram Sachet Each sachet makes 2 Pints or 1 Quart.

Indications for Hydrolyte
. Post-Operative Care
. Convalescent Care
. Supportive Treatment of Diarrhoea
. Dogs Spending Time in Hot or Cold Environment
. Working Dogs
. Dogs Engaging in Prolonged Physical Activity
. Dogs with Limited Water Access
. Lactating Bitches

Hydrolyte Features

. Superior Palatability
. Convenience
. Cost Effective
. Easy to Reconstitute, Store, Dispense
. Ideal for: Travel, Working Dog Situations

Hydrolyte Benefits

. Replaces Fluids and Electrolytes Lost During Stress
. Promotes and Maintains Hydration Status
. Prevents Heat Stress
. Increases Fluid Palatability
. Increases Fluid Absorption (Hypotonic)
. Promotes Natural pH Balance
. Aids in : Tissue Repair, Immune Function, Nutrient Transport, Restoring Acid/Base Balance, Maintaining Normal Nerve and Muscle Function.

For more detailed information, please follow the Directions for Use, on the reverse of the sachet.

Hydrolyte is a unique electrolyte, antioxidant and energy replacement formula spawned from 10 years of research and observation made on hard working dogs. HYDROLYTE supplies extra antioxidants to combat the free-radical effects of enhanced oxygen consumption that occurs during all stress, especailly prolonged exercise. If your dog exercises, spends time in a hot or cold environment, is lactating or suffering from diarrhoea HYDROLYTE will help your dog maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. HYDROLYTE is the only electrolyte replacement formula in the market today that is designed to replace all of the major electrolytes.....not just salt and potassium.
In addition, HYDROLYTE promotes a natural pH balance and provides a readily available form of the fuel most needed by the brain, nerves and immune system. HYDROLYTE is designed to exactly mimic your dog's own fluids. No other electrolyte solution can do what HYDROLYTE can for your dog, because no other product meets all your dogs needs as well, whether he is a weekend warrior or a well trained elite athlete. When you give your dog HYDROLYTE you are giving your dog the most complete electrolyte and energy replacement drink available. Show your best friend how much you care, help your dog to manage stress in his life with HYDROLYTE.....because sometimes water just isn't enough.

Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide
Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition.
by Robert Newman

What is heatstroke?

In simple terms, heatstroke occurs when a dog loses its natural ability to regulate its body temperature. Dogs don't sweat all over their bodies the way humans do. Canine body temperature is primarily regulated through respiration (i.e., panting). If a dog's respiratory tract cannot evacuate heat quickly enough, heatstroke can occur.

To know whether or not your dog is suffering from heatstroke (as opposed to merely heat exposure), it's important to know the signs of heatstroke.

A dog's normal resting temperature is about 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Once a dog's temperature rises above 105 degrees, physiological changes start to take place, and the dog begins to experience the effects of heatstroke. At 106 to 108 degrees, the dog begins to suffer irreversible damage to the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, heart and brain.

If a dog is experiencing heatstroke, you may observe excessive panting; hyperventilation; increased salivation; dry gums that become pale, greyish and tacky; rapid or erratic pulse; weakness; confusion; inattention; vomiting; diarrhoea; and possible rectal bleeding. If the dog continues to overheat, breathing efforts become slowed or absent, and finally, seizures or coma can occur.
The amount of damage a dog sustains when stricken with heatstroke depends on the magnitude and duration of the exposure. The longer and more severe the exposure, the worse the damage will be.

What to do

1 Pay attention to your dog. Recognizing the symptoms of heatstroke and responding quickly is essential for the best possible outcome.

2 Get into the shade. If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke, move it into a shaded area and out of direct sunlight. Apply cool water to the inner thighs and stomach of the dog, where there's a higher concentration of relatively superficial, large blood vessels. Apply cool water to the foot pads, as well.

3 Use running water. A faucet or hose is the best way to wet down your dog's body. Never submerge your dog in water, such as in a pool or tub - this could cool the dog too rapidly, leading to further complications, including cardiac arrest and bloating.

4 Use cool - not cold - water. Many people make the mistake of using cold water or ice to cool the dog. When faced with a dog suffering from heatstroke, remember that the goal is to cool the dog. Using ice or extremely cold water is actually counterproductive to this process because ice and cold water cause the blood vessels to constrict, which slows blood flow, thus slowing the cooling process.

5 Don't cover the dog. One of the keys to successfully cooling your dog is ensuring the water being placed on the dog can evaporate. Never cover an overheated dog with a wet towel or blanket. This inhibits evaporation and creates a sauna effect around your dog's body. Likewise, don't wet the dog down and put it into an enclosed area, such as a kennel. Any air flow during the cooling process is helpful in reducing the dog's body temperature. Sitting with the wet dog in a running car with the air conditioner blowing is an ideal cooling situation.

6 Keep the dog moving. It's important to try to encourage your dog to stand or walk slowly as it cools down. This is because the circulating blood tends to pool in certain areas if the dog is lying down, thus preventing the cooled blood from circulating back to the core.

7 Allow the dog to drink small amounts of water. Cooling the dog is the first priority. Hydration is the next. Don't allow the dog to gulp water. Instead, offer small amounts of water that's cool, but not cold. If the dog drinks too much water too rapidly, it could lead to vomiting or bloat.

8 Avoid giving human performance drinks. Performance beverages designed for humans are not recommended because they are not formulated with the canine's physiology in mind. If you can't get an overheated dog to drink water, try offering chicken- or beef-based broths.

See a veterinarian

Once your dog's temperature begins to drop, cease the cooling efforts and bring the dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Your dog's temperature should be allowed to slowly return to normal once cooling has begun. A dog that's cooled too quickly may become hypothermic.

Even if your dog appears to be fully recovered, the veterinarian needs to check to determine if the heatstroke caused any damage to your dog's kidneys and liver. The effects of heatstroke can continue for 48 to 72 hours longer, even if your dog appears normal.

William Grant, DVM, a veterinarian for 20 years and former president of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, has treated hundreds of cases of heatstroke, ranging from mild to fatal.

According to Grant, the most common cause of death following heatstroke is disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (blood coagulating throughout the body), or DIC, which can occur hours or days after the heatstroke episode.

DIC can also be caused by pyometra or septicemia, but Grant says heatstroke is the most common cause. "Once a dog develops DIC, it may bleed in the thorax, abdomen, nose and intestine," Grant says. "Once the blood-clotting factors are consumed, there is an inability of the blood vessels to prevent leaking; the condition is almost always fatal." For this reason, follow-up veterinary care is essential following a heatstroke episode, even if your dog seems to be completely fine.

Prevention is the best medicine

The best treatment for heatstroke is prevention. Especially during the summer months, it's essential to be aware of the potential for heatstroke. Knowing the signs of heatstroke, and taking the necessary steps to prevent it, will ensure your dog can have a safe and active life year-round.

Price: per 28.5gram sachet makes 2 pints - £3.50; Per Sachet 10+ order - £3.33 ; each Hydrolyte bottle - £3.00

Available Colours: None

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Digital Anemometer

photo of Digital Anemometer

Heat stress in dogs a killer.

This is an excellent Mini Weather Station. No more guess work as to what temperatures and conditions are favourable to working your dogs. An affordable piece of equipment, and a must, if you want to avoid Heat stress.

Features Include :
Wind speed measure using it's on board impeller, reading in mph, ft/min, km/h, or knots.

Wind speed in Beaufort wind scale bar graph.

Wind chill display.

Temperature display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

LCD Backlight.
Neck band included.
3v Lithium battery operation.

Need advice on Heat stress, then please call us: 01435 883126

Price: each - £28.00

Available Colours: As depicted

BUY: Digital Anemometer

Colour: £28.00 each

L.E.D Tethering Stake Peg Lights

photo of L.E.D Tethering Stake Peg Lights

Use these to mark out your Tethering Stakes at night to stop damage by being driven over or harm members of the public falling over them. Just Push into the ground (do not hammer in). Uses four AG3 Button Cell batteries, supplied.

Price: Each - £2.00; Per Four - £6.80 ; Per Six - £10.00

Available Colours: None

BUY: L.E.D Tethering Stake Peg Lights


Antlers - Dog Chew

photo of Antlers - Dog Chew
photo of Antlers - Dog Chew

Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting, provide good minerals and are odourless to humans. Dogs can be quite choosy about what they like to chew on but we haven't come across a dog that doesn't like Antler Dog Chews. From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love to explore the different taste and texture; gnawing, playing, chewing, licking carrying and grinding them.
And they don't go off - which means that dogs can leave them and come back to it, day after day, for weeks, if not months.

Why antler treats are so good for you dog.
100% natural
Packed full of tasty minerals and nutrients. Antler Dog Chews contain a fantastic amount of minerals; Ash, Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium and Potassium.
Made of a hard boney material, harder than normal bone, that's much less likely to splinter or shatter, and that means they last and last, longer than raw hide and compacted vegetable starch chews.

They're good for dogs teeth, as it doesn't fill gaps in teeth and the chewing/gnawing, grinds down the chew slowly, helping to keep teeth clean and healthy.

They're really good for dogs with sensitive tummies and those on a fat controlled diet.

Chewing is very good for dogs in many ways. It helps keep their teeth clean, expends energy and keeps them occupied for hours, ie., chewing the legs off your favourite chair !! Chewing releases positive chemicals from the brain, which will keep your dog content as well.
Wild dogs have been chewing on Antlers probably for as long as both have existed.


They are odourless to humans, but smell delicious to sensitive dog noses.

They are not messy, and they won't break or splinter.

Antler Dog Chews last far longer than most other chews or treats, like rawhide, sticks made from starch, pigs ears or other compacted starch chews, which means you don't have to buy so many.

You know you are giving you dog a chew that has not been boiled, processed or pumped full of additives.


Our Antler Dog Chews and treats are cut from naturally shed, year fresh, deer antlers, from healthy free ranging deer that live natural lives. All our Antlers are free from chemicals, preservatives, and colouring and additives of any sort, just pure and natural as nature intended. A healthy alternative to rawhide, chemically processed, rubber and man made chews.

Deer grow a new pair of Antlers each year from the time that they are a year old. Each set of antlers are naturally shed in winter.
Antlers are unique to the deer family, and are composed of a bone like material which regenerates each year. Antlers grow on more than sixty kinds of deer, including Moose, Reindeer, Caribou and Elk.
Each antler grows from an attachment point on the skull called a Pedicle. The Antlers begin as layers of cartilage then slowly mineralise into bone. In the beginning they are soft and easily damaged, until they completely mineralise in the late summer.
Antlers grow very quickly and faster than any other type of bone, growing up to 2.5cms per day in the summer.
These truly amazing structures, are being studied by biologists in the hope of learning the secrets of fast cell growth, which may unlock cures to various forms of cancer.

As they get larger, they begin to branch out and are covered with a thin skin of fine fur. At this time the blood that flows to the antlers stops, and they begin to harden. When the antlers have reached their full growth, the protective fur dries out, and the deer will rub it off on trees. Finally in the winter, the antlers will fall off.
With each successive year's growth the antlers will branch into more points until the deer has reached his prime.


Like any dog chew, you need to be watchful when allowing your dog to chew on an Antler. Do not let your dog chew on an Antler that he could possibly choke on, keep an eye on how small the Antler is getting and take it away when it gets too small. When you give your dog his antler, keep a watch that your dog is gnawing on the antler and trying to break it. If he is bearing down hard on the antler, it is best to take it away from him (remember to give him a treat for giving it up), as chewing it too hard could damage his teeth.

Price: Extra Large - £12.00; Large - £10.00

Available Colours: None

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Travel water bowl

photo of Travel water bowl

While stocks last.

. Made of durable nylon.
. Easy to clean

The travel water bowl can be folded and zipped away, carried on your belt, using the trigger hook as seen

Price: each - £4.08

Available Colours: Camo and Brown

BUY: Travel water bowl

Colour: £4.08 each

Collapsible Dog Bowl

photo of Collapsible Dog Bowl

While stocks last.

Silicon Collapsible Dog Bowl

Can be used for either food or water. Folds down to take up less space.

Price: each - £11.23

Available Colours: As seen

BUY: Collapsible Dog Bowl

Colour: £11.23 each

Portabowls (Water only) MCS 9075

Handy fold flat cordura portable dog water bowls.

Price: Portabowls - £5.40

Available Colours: Blue, Black, Lavender

BUY: Portabowls (Water only) MCS 9075

Colour: £5.40 Portabowls

New Product ... Hi-Vis Vest. Printed

photo of New Product ... Hi-Vis Vest.  Printed
photo of New Product ... Hi-Vis Vest.  Printed

Hi Quality.
100% Polyester fabric with double band and brace reflective tape. Conforms to safety standard EN471 Class 2. Printed with the slogan: Sled Dog Training. Ideal for use in the forest/Woods.

Sizes Med......38"
Ex Large........46"

Price: £9.97

Available Colours: None

BUY: New Product ... Hi-Vis Vest. Printed

Colour: £9.97

Reflective Bandanas

photo of Reflective Bandanas

While stocks last.

These bandanas are fitted with a reflective rim and printed paw motif. Easy to open and put on due to the velcro fastenings.

Safety due to visibility.

Price: size M-L 45 x 23cm/20mm - £5.23; size XL 62 x 33cm/25mm - £6.72

Available Colours: None

BUY: Reflective Bandanas


Please Rescue Dogs

Vehicle Sticker with the following:


Should your vehicle,ie.,Van, with no windows, be involved in a traffic accident then, we feel certain you would want the Emergency services to know that you have animals on board, that will also need to be rescued.

"Why not advertise the fact"

Price: Small Stickers x 2 - £1.50; Large Stickers x 1 - £1.50

BUY: Please Rescue Dogs

Microfiber Towel with bag

photo of Microfiber Towel with bag

While Stocks Last

Microfiber towel with bag
Excellent for cleaning dogs faces and eyes after running or racing.
Dirt just clings to the Microfiber towel.
Comes with carrying case that can be attached to your belt with the Karibiner provided.

Price: each - £3.50

Available Colours: None

BUY: Microfiber Towel with bag

Colour: £3.50 each

Microfiber Scarf Towel with Pockets

photo of Microfiber Scarf Towel with Pockets
photo of Microfiber Scarf Towel with Pockets

While stocks last

This new Microfiber Scarf towel with Pockets has excellent moisture absorption properties, and dirt comes off with it.
Has 2 pockets for a more secure grip.
Suitable for all breeds and coats.
Machine washable up to 60c (Please do not use Fabric Softeners)

Usage : Rub your dog down with the glove. After use, simply rinse and wring out.

Price: each - £5.94

Available Colours: None

BUY: Microfiber Scarf Towel with Pockets

Colour: £5.94 each