Training Aids at Culpeppers, the dog wear specialists.

We are specialists in creating dog wear and ancillary items of equipment, including Training Aids for all Working and Sled-dog racing, in what is now Europe's fastest growing winter sporting activity.

Bikejor Convertor attachment

photo of Bikejor Convertor attachment

Attachment for the headstock of your bicycle with 1 x Dog dampered line.

Gangline attachment is approximately 7ft from the headset, un-stretched.

Price: with 1 x dog dampered line - £57.94; excluding dampered line - £44.95 ; With 2 x dog dampered line (Med neckline) - £64.80; With 2x dog dampered line (Large Neckline) - £67.20

Available Colours: Various avialable.

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Police Training Leads

photo of Police Training Leads

Single Thickness Polyprop webbing Lead with 2 brass trigger hooks. Multi-way, 6ft lead.

An excellent utility lead, used extensively by Dog Trainers

Price: Single Thickness - £12.60; Double Thickness - £19.14

Available Colours: Various

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Multipurpose Training Lead / Jog belt attachment

photo of Multipurpose Training Lead / Jog belt attachment
photo of Multipurpose Training Lead / Jog belt attachment

This is a multipurpose Lead For training & Jog/walking. With Trffic Handle. Made in single thickness Cushion Webbing. Can be used as a 7ft lead, a 7ft Jog/Walk belt Lead or can be Shortend into a 4ft lead.

Price: £12.60

Available Colours: Various

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Colour: £12.60

Biker Set De Luxe

photo of Biker Set De Luxe

The Biker-Set helps keep a safe distance between the dog and the bicycle. The spiral spring and pole are made of extra robust chrome-plated metal. The spring absorbs heavy tension and tugging, so that leading even large and strong dogs will be possible. This also ensures you don't lose your balance whilst biking.

Price: each - £29.94

Available Colours: None

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Colour: £29.94 each


photo of Neckline
photo of Neckline

Replacement Lead/Neckline for Springer / Biker set delux type Training aid.
Made from strong Polyprop. Adjustable from 18" - 28" in Length.

Can also be made in rope to your length requirements. Various colours.

Price: Polyprop adjustable. - £6.90; 10mm Polyester rope. size up to18 - £6.90 ; 10mm polyester rope.19 - £7.20

Available Colours: Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Slate Blue, Forest Green, Fuscia Pink, Black, Yellow, Lilac.

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Digital Anemometer

photo of Digital Anemometer

Heat stress in dogs a killer.

This is an excellent Mini Weather Station. No more guess work as to what temperatures and conditions are favourable to working your dogs. An affordable piece of equipment, and a must, if you want to avoid Heat stress.

Features Include :
Wind speed, measured using it's on board impeller, with the reading in mph, ft/min, km/h, or knots.

Wind speed displayed using the Beaufort wind scale as a bar graph.

Wind chill display.

Temperature display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

LCD Backlight.
Neck band included.
3v Lithium battery operation.

Need advice on Heat stress, then please call us: 01435 883126

Price: each - £28.00

Available Colours: As depicted

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Colour: £28.00 each