Clips and Shackles at Culpeppers, the dog wear specialists.

We are specialists in creating dog wear and ancillary items of equipment, including Clips and Shackles for all Working and Sled-dog racing, in what is now Europe's fastest growing winter sporting activity.

Clog 10 mm Screwgate Carabiner

photo of  Clog 10 mm Screwgate Carabiner

Please be advised : Should you require a Carabiner for a "Steeldog" rig, then you should order the 12mm Screwgate Carabiner.

Price: 10mm Screwgate - £8.75; 12mm Screwgate - £15.31

Available Colours: None

BUY: Clog 10 mm Screwgate Carabiner


Tethering Stake

Steel 2ft Long Tethering Stake with 2 x Swivel Chain Links.

When driven into good ground to approximately 2"/50mm off the head then it won't come out. The best in the market place.

Price: each - £13.20

BUY: Tethering Stake

£13.20 each

1 Dog Tethering stake

photo of 1 Dog Tethering stake

2ft Tethering Stake, comes fitted with 1 mtr of chain and 3/4" brass Trigger Hook. Ideal For tethering 1 dog. Driven into the ground approx 2"/ 50mm off the head this will not pull out.

Please note two of these can posted For the same price as one.

Price: £25.00

Available Colours: None

BUY: 1 Dog Tethering stake

Colour: £25.00

Quick Links

photo of Quick Links

Quick Links - 50mm Length - 15 Inside diameter. Often referred to as Chain repair links.

Usage : To repair Drop Lines or Tethering stakes

Price: each - £2.00

Available Colours: None

BUY: Quick Links

Colour: £2.00 each

Brass Trigger Hook

Available 1", 3/4", & 5/8" and double ended.

Price: 3/4 - £1.82; 5/8 - £1.73 ; 1 - £2.46; 0.00 - £0.00

BUY: Brass Trigger Hook

Double ended Trigger Hook

photo of Double ended Trigger Hook

Brass 3/4" Round

Price: each - £3.83

Available Colours: None

BUY: Double ended Trigger Hook

Colour: £3.83 each

Quick Release Clips

Price: Quick Release Clip - £4.60

BUY: Quick Release Clips

£4.60 Quick Release Clip

Round Eye Brass Trigger Hook

Round Eye Brass Trigger Hook available in 1 1/4"

Price: 1 1/4 - £5.41

BUY: Round Eye Brass Trigger Hook

£5.41 1 1/4

Snap Gate

Heavy duty quick release, activated by hand or foot. Suitable for use with larger teams.

Sets like a trap. Not for the faint of heart.

Price: £21.75

BUY: Snap Gate